Love Island 2016: meet Malin Andersson

The former air hostess turned make-up artist spills on the Mile High Club, fancying David Gandy and going on Take Me Out...


Name: Malin Andersson


Age: 23

Lives: Bedford (her mum is Sri Lankan and her dad is Swedish)

Job: Make-up artist and former air hostess

Claim to fame: Malin was on Take Me Out about four/five years ago – she didn’t get a date. “I kept turning my light off!” 

Love Island confession: She didn’t watch last year’s show but caught up in a mammoth two week binge sesh after she was approached to audition for the show. “Needed to know what I was letting myself in for. Quite a daring thing to do!” 

On sex on TV: “No way, I could never do that on telly, no chance! Even if the room was locked and there was no camera in there – I’d still be thinking there was a camera in there. Before I left my dad said ‘do not disgrace the family, Malin!'”

Ideal guy: “David Gandy – pop him in for me!”

Malin hasn’t got any saucy air hostess stories: “The sauciest story would be cleaning up s*** from the aisle…” she grimaced. “I’d catch people in the toilets hoo-haring around and I’d just be like, get out.

“I’m not a member [of the Mile High Club]. That’s disgusting!”


Love Island kicks off Monday 30th May at 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly