Love Island 2016: meet Cara De La Hoyde

Game of Thrones' Khal Drogo is Cara's ideal man and one of her best friends is Love Island finalist Hannah Elizabeth who has been dishing out advice...


Name: Cara De La Hoyde


Age: 25

Lives: Kent

Job: international circus performer (she has a pet snake she’s waiting to get big enough to use in her shows) and former Studio 66 (similar to Babestation) star

Love Island claim to fame: “One of my best friends is Hannah Elizabeth from last year’s series [yes, the one who was proposed to by Jon]. I said to her I might apply and she said ‘Babe, it was the best thing!’

Even after what happened with Jon – they’ve since separated and he’s now on TOWIE – Cara says Hannah still says it was a “positive experience”. “The time she was in there was positive, but whatever’s happened now has happened. When she was in there, they had an amazing time, they were in their little bubble. When he proposed I was like, ‘what?!’ I was like, ‘does her mum know?’ and then I found out she did and so I was like, OK! Because I was just like if her mum don’t know and her mum’s watching that! My mum would come and slap me, saying what are you doing! It was nice, it was cute, but I was still like ‘sorry what are we watching?!'” 

Of Hannah’s new fella, Cara says she doesn’t know him personally but says he “looks lovely” and that she’s having a “lovely time” with him in Thailand at the moment. “As long as she’s happy”. 

Hannah’s advice to Cara: “She just said enjoy it and that six weeks goes so quick. She said it’s going to rush by and that I should try not to take it so seriously. She said when you’re in there that’s your whole world, but sometimes just try and take a step back and be like ahhh.” 

Taste of TV fame: “I did First Dates. I was on the second series, I was just on standby when someone dropped out. It was more of a set up date rather than matching me up with someone properly. He did pay, but it wouldn’t bother me anyway, I would just pay for myself!” 

“I’d like to do I’m A Celeb. With my pet snake I’d be sick at it! Big Brother, yeah? Why not? I might come out of Love Island and be put off for life! If something comes of it, amazing, if not I have a great job to go back to.”

“I’ve stopped doing Studio 66 now, I did it for a couple of years. When I first started doing it I loved it. Thought it was amazing. Thought the money was like oh my god – I’m earning so much money this is amazing. Then as time went on there was various factors that I was just like I’m not happy with that. 

“Eventually I was like am I doing this job because it makes me happy? Or am I doing this job because I’m just used to the money and too scared to do something else? I realised that pretty much I was just doing it for the money.”

“I didn’t really like the fact that you get your regular callers and as much as you try and keep your guard up – it is acting – but they’re very prying. With something like this [Love Island] they get to know you but they don’t speak to you directly. These guys would want to know everything about their life and you can’t see them, you don’t know who they are. Sometimes you’d let stuff slip and you’d be like why did I let them know that about my life?

“I used to do nighttime chats as well as daytime and it’s dirty chat. It really affected my relationships as well because how can you explain to someone, yeah I love you and I want to be with you but at night I’m going to go and talk to complete strangers. I got to a point where I used to dread going to work. The girls that are doing it are amazing, but I reached a point.”

Ideal man: “Khal Drogo [Game of Thrones] let him in there, that’s all I want! Bit of podge – a nice normal body. Someone who goes to the gym but doesn’t live in the gym. Looks normal, so I don’t feel I have to go to the gym twice a day to keep up with them.”

Role in the villa: “I think I’m going to take on a mum role a little bit. I can’t stand dirtiness. I’ve actually requested a teapot. I have. Because I have about four cups of a tea a day and I tell you now I’m not going to sit there and make twelve cups of tea [for the other islanders]. If I’ve got a pot, I’m fine.”


Love Island starts Monday 30th May at 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly