Home and Away: Ricky and Nate get married, plus Ash threatens Dylan

6-10 June 2016: And Olivia finally plucks up the courage to tell Hunter that she is pregnant


Monday 6 June


When Ricky has car trouble on the way to the ceremony, Nate fears that he has been stood up at the altar. Ash warns Dylan at the wedding reception to stay away from his family after he spots him making a disdainful comment to Billie. Kyle says a poignant farewell to Casey before heading to court. 

Tuesday 7 June

Kat starts digging for dirt on Dylan and pulls Ash into a dangerous scheme to expose him once and for all. Kyle faces his moment of truth in court, but when the prosecutor asks him who committed the crime, he remains silent and takes the fall for Isla. As Ricky waits for the verdict, she fears that her family is about to ripped apart yet again. 

Wednesday 8 June

With Ash’s help, Kat goes to the police about Dylan’s violent outburst, only to have Dylan threaten revenge. Hunter braces himself for bad news when Olivia invites him over to talk, but he is lost for words when she tells him the truth—she is pregnant. Kyle says goodbye to Summer Bay and settles into his prison cell. 

Thursday 9 June

Skye reaches out to help a stranger who has collapsed while running, not realising that the guy is Tank. After much soul searching, Olivia makes a decision about her pregnancy and tells Hunter that she is going to have an abortion. Evie’s surprise engagement party is derailedwhenTankenterstheSurfClub. 


Friday 10 June

Despite a warning from Oscar, Skye is determined to make up her own mind about Tank. Olivia faces up to her difficult choice and schedules a termination. VJ is shocked to see Tank and confronts him, but Tank does not retaliate and VJ looks like the bad guy. Meanwhile, Zac and Leah disagree over the best way to handle Tank’s reappearance.