Caroline Flack isn’t surprised Love Island’s winners didn’t go the distance

The returning host says the show’s contestants are often wearing “holiday goggles”


Love Island’s 2015 champs Jessica Hayes and Max Morley haven’t gone on to have a lasting, happy relationship since the winning show, which might have been surprising if… wait, no, it’s not surprising at all.


“Gutted,” laughs Caroline Flack when asked if she was shocked that things had come to an end, Max having already had another public (and short-lived) romance with Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby.

Had she really expected the winners to last?

“No…” Flack ginned, before taking a softer approach: “No, I dunno, it was a surprise win, which is always good because I think a lot of people thought Jon [Clark] and Hannah [Elizabeth] were going to win.”

Alas, there’s no fairy tale story for the runners up either. Despite Jonathan proposing to Hannah in the final episode – oh yeah, full down on one knee with a ring – they’ve since split. Model Hannah has recently shared loved-up snaps with apparent new beau George Andretti. As for Jon’s antics, he’s still in front of the cameras joining the cast of ITV Be’s The Only Way Is Essex.

“You’re in a bubble,” Flack says of Love Island, which returns for its second series on ITV2 tonight. “Like when you go on holiday. I’ve done it before, you have a holiday romance and you just think, this is it – I’ve met him. ‘Mum, I’ve met him!’ Then you get home from holiday and you’re like, what was that? So it could have been a bit like that. It could have been a holiday romance.

“I do think they really liked each other – Jon and Hannah – circumstance gets in the way for some people,” she added.

As for that proposal, Flack laughs it was “quite full on”.

“We saw it before and I was just like, ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it’ and then we got there like, oh…! They were on holiday mode – holiday goggles – in the bubble!” 


Love Island returns to ITV2 tonight