Coronation Street: Jason is grilled by the police, plus Sinead makes a pass at Aidan

And a scared Sarah confides in Todd


Your guide to all next week’s drama in Weatherfield


1. Jason becomes prime suspect

While under police questioning, David is quick to point the finger of suspicion at Jason, who is then taken in for police questioning. With a strong motive and ample opportunity to dispose of Callum’s body, it looks like Jason will soon be feeling the heat. And back on the heat Gail is once again squaring off against Eileen.


2. Sarah makes a killer confession to Todd

An increasingly agitated Sarah tells Todd that Callum attacked her and that she’s to blame for his death. With Todd believing that Sarah has just confessed to murder, he’s left in a desperate quandary: on the one hand, he refuses to let Sarah face prosecution, but on the other, he can’t let Jason take the rap either. Just what will he do?


3. Sinead makes a pass at Aidan

After growing suspicious of Chesney’s closeness to Gemma, Sinead ends up getting drunk and making a play for Aidan, who gives her the knock back. But it isn’t long before Eva is putting Chesney in the picture about what happened. Rocked by Sinead’s indiscretions, will Chesney be able to accept his girlfriend’s explanation or is their relationship doomed?


4. Amy blackmails Michelle

In the wake of Tracy’s actions on Carla and Nick’s wedding day, Amy is determined that she’s going to stay at the Rovers rather than live at No 1 with her mum. And when Will turns up at the pub to have a clandestine chat with Michelle, Amy does a spot of eavesdropping and uses what she’s heard as leverage. It seems that Michelle has little choice but to agree to Amy’s terms…


5. Norris is scammed

Norris is fleeced by a customer at the Kabin who ends up making off with the roof tiles at No 3. When Phelan promises to retile the house at mates’ rates, Norris begrudgingly accepts. But, in a surprise turn of events, it’ll transpire that Phelan could well have masterminded the original theft in order to drum up a little business. What a fiend!


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