Love Island shake-up will see viewers vote two more islanders in on very first night

Fans will have power to instantly mix things up on second series of steamy ITV2 show


Love Island will be quick off the mark with drama this year as we can reveal the public will vote two more contestants in during the very first episode.


It’s the second series of saucy fun for ITV2, which sees sexy singletons head into a villa in Mallorca in the hope of finding a partner (and snagging the £50,000 cash prize of course).

There’ll be four eager newbies to choose from (two boys and two girls) and one of each sex will enter the villa.

The ‘original’ islanders (a short-lived title) will already be feeling the heat as the uneven number of contestants – six boys to five girls – means one lad will be left on his own – “roaming” as returning host Caroline Flack told us earlier this month.

It’ll keep the islanders on their toes. Although it’d be a bit of a worry if any of them go into this show blind to the ways of reality TV shows: nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems. But if there was a lesson to be learned from last year, it’s that slinging in new people equals fireworks, so it’s no wonder they’re keen to get moving on it early.

The changes might not end there for this first episode either. Last year’s series saw the men line-up and wait to decide which girl took their fancy, with many chopping and changing much like they couldn’t decide what food to have at a buffet. But with more girls than guys this year it looks like the power is with the females and is likely that they’ll have their pick.

Whether that would lead to a less awkward opening is debatable.  Perhaps they’ll be worse. All’s fair in love and war as they say.


Love Island returns Monday at 9:00pm on ITV2