Looks like Harry Potter star Anna Shaffer has joined Doctor Who spin-off Class

This could be a truly magical crossover for Patrick Ness's BBC3 series


After a big announcement a few weeks ago revealing the key cast and basic premise, we’ve heard little about what we can expect from eagerly-anticipated Doctor Who spin-off Class. Which of these kids is an alien in disguise? Is Katherine Kelly’s teacher an ally or villain? And who or what exactly is ‘Shadow’?


Yep, there are a lot of mysteries still to answer – but today at least we’ve learned one piece of news, as it looks likely the BBC3 series has added a rather magical new star to its roster.

According to her United Agents online acting profile, Hollyoaks star Anna Shaffer is joining Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah in the Coal Hill School-set adventures, with her character apparently named Rachel. 

And if you’re wondering where you recognise her from apart from Hollyoaks, Shaffer is probably best known for playing Romilda Vane in the final three Harry Potter films – you know, the girl who tried to drug Harry with a love potion but ended up getting Ron instead.

It’s hard to say whether she’ll play a similarly romance-infused role in Class, but one thing’s for sure – we’ve got another great Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover to add to the list


Class will air on BBC3 this autumn