Danny Cipriani’s ex talks revenge as she heads into Love Island villa

“I kind of wanted to get back at him and humiliate him because I felt like a bit of a mug,” former Miss Great Britain Sophie Gradon says as she admits she still has feelings for the rugby player


Danny Cipriani’s ex girlfriend Sophie Gradon is heading into the Love Island villa and she admits she wasn’t backwards in coming forwards when it came to getting her revenge after they broke up.


The former Miss Great Britain said the rugby player had made her feel like a “mug” as he never let her know where she stood among the “rest of the girls”.

“I was a woman scorned and I got a phone call off of a journalist and she said have you seen that he’s dating someone else now?” 30-year-old Gradon told RadioTimes.com, explaining that the pair started dating a couple of years ago having had “on off” flirtation for a while before. “I was like yeah, well relationships are boring, I didn’t actually say that Danny was boring but I knew, I’m not stupid, I knew they’d twist it and I kind of wanted to get back at him and humiliate him because I felt like a bit of a mug.”

“He never properly told me where I stood and I wanted to know, but I should have just asked him straight rather than just be airy-fairy about it. I should have had the confidence.

“Naively I perhaps thought that maybe I could be more special than the rest of the girls,” she added just days before she heads into the Love Island villa in Mallorca for the second series of the ITV2 show.

On whether the sportsman should be concerned about what she could share on screen Gradon laughed, “No, he knows that it’s OK. We’re friends.”

“I told him I was coming on, so he knew. He knows all about it. I said I’m going on, they’re going to pull it all up again. He just wished me the best of luck and said be your beautiful self and have fun.”

While Gradon might have wanted to have a pop at Cirpriani post break-up, it seems there’s still a chance things could pick up for the pair.

“I don’t know… see how Love Island goes first,” she laughed, before admitting that were he to come cap in hand wanting to get back together that she’d “certainly think about it”.

And although she describes him as “totally” the kind of  guy she’s looking for in the villa – “he’s confident, he’s cheeky and he’s just got such a lovely, lovely side to him and he’s fun” – she’s not expecting him to suddenly pop in.

“Yeah that would be good but I can’t see that happening in a million years!”


Love Island starts Monday at 9:00pm on ITV2