The bumper new Independence Day Resurgence trailer is basically a mini movie

Will there be anything left to show on the big screen?


Film trailers are generally a sneaky peek at what’s to come on the silver screen, but let’s face it, the latest trailer for Independence Day Resurgence is basically a mini movie of its own.


Jam packed with lots of new footage, the trailer – which debuted in cinemas with X-Men: Apocalypse – seems to basically give away the plot of the whole film. Look away now if you don’t want a five-minute long potential spoiler.

Set 20 years after the first, it catches up with our heroes (well, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman – they’ve killed off Will Smith) as they face a brand new threat.

Turns out those pesky aliens they defeated way back when weren’t idiots, and sent out a distress call. The reinforcements have arrived, and they’re coming in greater numbers.

Thus begins another war with the extraterrestrials, during which Liam Hemsworth and the former president’s daughter (who sadly won’t be played by original actress Mae Whitman) attempt to keep their love alive, Will Smith’s on-screen son attempts to live up to his father’s legacy, and Jeff Goldblum’s character gets even more science-y than before. 

Oh well, at least the great Judd Hirsch is still playing his dad, eh? 


Independence Day: Resurgence (or what’s left of it to see) opens in UK cinemas on 23rd June