Seven twists to look forward to on this year’s Love Island

More unpredictability with live shows, secret outdoor spaces and a pretty tricky opening coupling up sesh. Caroline Flack dishes on what we can expect when ITV2's steamy reality show returns...


Don’t make plans to see your friends this summer because Love Island is back on ITV2 (hurrah!) and there are some interesting new changes to add even more oomph. 


We caught up with host Caroline Flack who was on hand to dish the latest gossip, getting us even more excited for this year’s sun-drenched antics…

More unpredictabilty with live shows

Forget waiting for a Thursday for one live show, Love Island is going to go live as and when it damn well pleases. It’s all to keep up with the latest goings on in the villa. So if something dramatic has happened or they fancy slinging another singleton in, the show can go live that night. For Caz Flack that means a summer of being on ‘standby’ to fly back and forth for the show (yes, she knows, tough life/someone’s got to do it etc etc). 

“Everything was changing on a daily basis last time, you need to throw people in and things. I’m on an as and when basis – they’re just keeping me on hold. They’re my first call. I can be there, if they need me, it’s two hours away.” 

This could be a live show, a pre-record bit from Ms Flack, even messages from the UK as she nips back and forth or a phone call. 

Up-to-the-minute-gossip? We’re all for it. 

Six boys and five girls will start out

An uneven number means the first episode is going to be awesome awful car-crash telly as one Love Islander will automatically be left on their own. To ‘roam’ Flack said. Here’s hoping that’s how they feel about it and aren’t just crying in the corner as everyone talks about being ‘pied off’. 

Even more contestants will enter and leave the villa

The dating pool will get a good bit of refreshment this year as we’ve been told to expect a lot more faces going in and out of the villa. Cruel? Probably. Most of us struggle to find a partner with basically the whole world to look around in. They’ve got to find a suitable mate in double quick time or they’ll be back on the plane home. Proper tough love. 

…. plus extra viewer involvement

We’ll be helping of course. And when I say helping, I mean doing all we can to turn everything upside down in the villa. Yes, us viewers will have even more power via the Love Island app to send people in, chuck people out, decide who goes on dates or gets to be the ‘power couple’. It may be too much power. We may need someone to have a quiet word with us after a few days. 

Secret outdoor room/ balcony 

Flack spilled that there’s going to be one secret room inside and another outside this year, which may well be more of a ‘secret balcony’. Very romantic, eh? That’s what Love Island is after all, a modern Romeo & Juliet story… 

Last year the secret rooms were used for private dates and, well, stuff you wouldn’t want your parents to know about. Good old ITV2. 

“They just generally want to be outside more, so they’re just making it all outside,” Flack explains.  

An outdoor gym

They might as well put a sign above this: flex for the cameras. Go on, flex for the cameras. But hey, we’ll watch if we really have to. You know, if we can’t find the remote to put that really educational documentary on. 

… and returning contestants

We’d already been given a heads up to expect some familiar faces in the villa this year. It might not be as contestants. I’m told the Alberti twins have, for example, been discussing the idea of going in to cook for one of the villa dates. So perhaps we can expect more drop in visits like former champ Calum Best

“Maybe,” Flack says. “The thing is if you put people back in they know what to do. I’m not saying they can calculate it but it’s not as, I dunno, they might do but I don’t think it will be a regular thing.” 

As for what’s staying the same, Ms Flack is pretty sure a certain someone will be back this year: oh, yes Love Island regular Paul Danan: 

“Paul Danan he’s a Love Island legend isn’t he? Probably get him on the last show again, think it would only be fair.

“One of my favourite memories of all of last year was [former Strictly pro dancer] James Jordan pushed Paul Danan in the pool at our hotel,” Flack adds, Jordan having joined the show as a guest panellist. “People just filmed it, it was so weird. It was funny.”


Love Island returns to ITV2 later this month