Field of Dreams, Only You, Drive Angry: films on TV today

Kevin Costner builds a baseball field, Marisa Tomei is looking for love, and Nicolas Cage is fresh out of hell and seeking revenge: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


Field of Dreams  ★★★★ 


6.55-9.00pm Film4
“If you build it, he will come.” Build what? And who will come? The answers to these questions are at the heart of this ingenious latter-day fairy tale. Kevin Costner is the Iowa farmer who, in response to a voice only he can hear, turns his cornfield into a baseball diamond. So that’s the first question answered; the second is more complex, involving the spirits of the disgraced Chicago White (aka Black) Sox of 1919 (who threw the baseball World Series), Costner’s relationship with his late father and a disgruntled radical writer (James Earl Jones) who faces having his books banned. Baseball is the dominant theme in an admittedly sentimental tale about wish fulfilment, following your dreams and neatly rearranging the past – a male weepy, if you like. Not everyone loved it, but it’s effectively done, very touching in parts and well played by an excellent cast that includes Amy Madigan, Ray Liotta and, in his final film role, Burt Lancaster.

Only You  ★★★★ 

6.45-9.00pm Movie Mix
The premise of this reassuringly old-fashioned romance is a kooky one, and finds Marisa Tomei running out on her own wedding to fulfil a romantic prediction. Enter Robert Downey Jr.  

The Wolverine  ★★★ 

9.00-11.25pm Film4
Hugh Jackman returns as the steely, surly and super-sideburned mutant superhero in this X-Men spin-off, which finds the him battling ninjas and the yakuza in Japan.     

Olympus Has Fallen  ★★★ 

9.00-11.20pm 5STAR
Terrorists are in da house (White House, that is) so it falls to lone agent Gerard Butler to free President Aaron Eckhart. You just can’t get the staff these days.    

Drive Angry  ★★★

11.00pm-1.00am Spike
Nicolas Cage is the escapee from Hell out for payback back in as gratuitous an orgy of sex, violence, explosions and car chases as you could wish for. And Cage is on brilliant “mega-acting” form too. 


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