Look what Chris Evans found on the Top Gear set

The new host shares a snap of some familiar magnetic strips from Jeremy Clarkson's days at the helm


New Top Gear co-host Chris Evans has been having a good old rummage around the set, digging out some familiar magnetic strips. 


Oh yes, those are some of the times from the Power Lap board. That’s Jeremy Clarkson’s penmanship, the times being those completed on the track during previous series. Evans hasn’t just decided to dish up some spoilers ahead of the new show’s launch.

Whether they’ll be used in the Top Gear reboot, or the new gang will start with a fresh slate, has yet to be decided but I gather the leaderboard will probably be blank.  

Top Gear teases aside, fans were also keen on the bits and bobs in the background, including a rather fitting Land Rover Hue 166 mug. A Top Gear host couldn’t really be drinking from an ‘I heart cycling’ mug now, could he?


See Top Gear Sunday 29th May on BBC2