Coronation Street: David to frame Jason for Callum’s murder!

"Jason's thick, so David thinks that hopefully he'll stick his foot in it and incriminate himself somehow," says actor Jack P Shepherd


A beleaguered Jason Grimshaw is to be put in the frame for the killing of Callum Logan, thanks to the machinations of a devious David Platt.


A murder investigation looks set to be launched in next week’s episodes of Coronation Street after Callum’s corpse is discovered at No 8. But when the police come calling at the Platts’, David is very keen to shift their attention elsewhere.

“There’s a scene where David’s being questioned by the police and he’s getting all the blame. The body’s been discovered in his house, so how does he get away with saying that he’s not responsible?” explains actor Jack P Shepherd. “David tells the police that there were other people who had a grudge against Callum. And that Jason, who was doing building work at the time, had access to the house.”

David (Jack P Shepherd) will be seen incriminating neighbour Jason

Viewers already know that Jason is, of course, entirely innocent and that the true culprit is David’s wife Kylie, who bludgeoned Callum to death in live scenes shown last September. But does David have any qualms about pointing the finger of suspicion in Jason’s direction?

“No, not all. He thinks that something good has come from this. David can now pass it off on him! And there’s a chance that it might work. Also, Jason’s thick, so David thinks that hopefully he’ll stick his foot in it and incriminate himself somehow. Kylie and Sarah feel slightly more guilty than David, but he tries to convince them to roll with this because it’s a way to get out of it.”

With actor Ryan Thomas set to leave the ITV soap in the coming months, viewers will now no doubt be wondering whether Jason will end up taking the rap for a crime that he didn’t commit!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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