Tom Hiddleston showing us his old school photo is both adorable and important

The actor revealed a photo of him as a four-year-old schoolboy in order to highlight Unicef's campaign to support schools in crisis and conflict


Tom Hiddleston is backing Unicef’s campaign to celebrate the importance of school in crisis and conflict by sharing an old school photo. 


Asking fans not to laugh at his hair, Hiddleston – one of the charity’s ambassadors – shows a picture of himself aged four years old. Awww.

Hiddleston was moved by a message from Yaroslav and Nastya, two of 580,000 children directly affected by the conflict in East Ukraine since 2014. 

“School is so much more than a building, as you know. It’s where you meet your friends. It’s teachers, it’s protection, it’s stability and it’s hope. And it’s where you find out who you are and who you want to be,” he says.

“For children like Yaroslav and Nastya who are living through conflict all over the world, school is as vital as food and medicine.”


Support the campaign by sharing your photo with the hashtag #EmergencyLessons.