That Game of Thrones Tower of Joy scene is much better with lightsabers

Ned Stark's epic sword battle just got a Star Wars makeover


We can’t have been the only people who were a little disappointed after that Tower of Joy scene.


We’ve been waiting years after all to find out if R + L really does = J. And, as Bran’s visions took him back in time to that pivotal moment in episode three of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, we thought we were about to find out. 

Instead, the Three-Eyed-Raven – aka the massive killjoy – pulled Bran out of the vision and we never got to find out who was in the Tower and why. 

It was a bit of a letdown. But, thankfully, Thrones fan EricThePooh has livened the moment up a bit, turning Ned Stark and the gang’s swords into lightsabers and adding a sci-fi soundtrack. It’s much better if you ask us. 


Watch the full video here