Neighbours: Paul leaves Erinsborough, plus Sonya discovers Mitch’s real identity

23-27 May 2016: And Piper courts danger when she accuses Brodie of masterminding the explosion


Monday 23 May


Ned plants a seed of doubt in Lauren’s mind when he tells her his suspicions about Brad and Terese. Sonya has a thousand and one questions for Walter after discovering his identity, but she doubts that she has room to let him in. Piper begins to suspect that Brodie was involved in the explosion. 

Tuesday 24 May

Brodie stalks off when Piper accuses him of being behind the explosion. Terese distracts herself from her grief at the Waterhole, where she meets Walter. Lauren is confused after catching a glimpse of Ned nude but decides not to tell Brad. 

Wednesday 25 May

Steph is conflicted when Mark confesses his desire for kids of his own. Brodie shows Piper evidence that corroborates his alibi at the time of the explosion. An overprotective Tyler warns Piper about any more dangerous investigating. Paige and John are shocked when a woman claims to be his girlfriend. 

Thursday 26 May

John is astounded when he comes face to face with Mandy, who claims to be the love of his life. Sonya is thrown when Walter tells a story about her parents that she does not believe. Charlie hits Archie for making a crack about Steph being crazy. 


Friday 27 May

Paige sets out to discredit Mandy’s claim that she is John’s girlfriend. Piper and Ben try to convince Xanthe not to go through with her breast augmentation but she is adamant that it will make her feel better. Faced with a long jail term and the ostracism of his friends and family, Paul leaves Erinsborough.