Jennifer Lawrence reveals awkward moment no one from Star Wars knew who she was

The actress danced her way over to the "Star Wars dudes" and then had to dance her way back again...


You’re Jennifer Lawrence, you’re at a party and you spot some of the Star Wars cast and crew. You dance over thinking you’ll join in their conversation, it’ll all be a big laugh. You’re dancing… you’re dancing… and absolutely no one knows who you are. 


Yes, this is the awkward story JLaw has revealed, which saw her have to quietly retreat from a table of “Star Wars dudes” – including JJ Abrams and Harrison Ford – as they seemingly had no idea who the young actress was. 

You’d think one of them might have chucked a Hunger Games on? An X-Men film, perhaps?

The evening was only made worse for Jen when comedian Jack Whitehall then took his turn to go over to the table and was welcomed with open arms by Mr Ford…


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