The Celebrity Apprentice USA has a brand new boss – and a very weird poster

Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to take the reins from Donald Trump


Arnold Schwarzenegger is riding a horse in the first promotional image for the US version of The Celebrity Apprentice. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. 


Should we have him sat in a boardroom? Nah. At the entrance of a really impressive office building? Nah. Chucking all of his money around? No. What about riding a horse? PRINT IT! 

It’s a movie poster meets ‘bye bye Donald Trump’ mash-up, Schwarzenegger “taking the reins” from the former host who’s off trying to be President. 


Schwarzenegger takes over for what is the eighth series in the celebrity run, which features among its cast singer and The Voice coach Boy George and actor and comedian Jon Lovitz.