Star Wars’ Felicity Jones and Tom Hanks star in first trailer for Dan Brown’s Inferno

Robert Langdon battles to save the world from a man-made virus in new thriller


Tom Hanks is humanity’s final hope in the first trailer for Dan Brown’s Inferno. 


The actor is back as Harvard professor of symbology Robert Langdon for the third movie in The Da Vinci Code film franchise – and he’s got a new side kick in the form of Star Wars actress Felicity Jones. 


The movie will see Langdon wake up in Florence with a head injury and no memory of how he got there. Jones plays Sienna Brooks, a doctor who helps Langdon escape when it becomes clear an assassin is after him. 

From there things, as they always do, get dramatic. There are explosions, gun shots, high speed chases, discussions about hell and a man-made plague. Plus a switch which will kill half the people on the planet…


Inferno will be released in UK cinemas on 14th October