Home and Away: Kat and Dylan’s relationship is back on – plus Isla is embroiled in an armed robbery

16-20 May 2016: And Irene opens up to Hannah about her sexual abuse


Monday 16 May


Irene confides in Hannah about her sexual abuse and the loss of her baby to adoption. Chris and Hannah’s love is strengthened when they start to plan for their future together. Ash confesses to Phoebe that he thinks he might have cheated on her. 

Tuesday 17 May

A new career path opens up for Matt when Andy tells him that he will consider offering a mechanic’s apprenticeship at the garage. Ash learns that he did not cheat on Phoebe, but she decides that their relationship is broken and they are over for good. Dylan asks Kat to get back together with him and build a life together. 

Wednesday 18 May

When Ash and Andy’s garage gets trashed, Matt assumes that it is his fault and tells them that he cannot take the apprenticeship. When Isla finds out that Harry is planning to move interstate with her daughters, she takes drastic action and purchases a gun. Kat falls deeper and deeper for Dylan, oblivious to his obsessive behaviour. 

Thursday 19 May

Ricky is overwhelmed by the demands of wedding planning and starts to have second thoughts about getting hitched. Kyle stumbles upon Isla’s plan to rob the Reefton Lakes golf club, but can he stop her before she does something she will regret? Lindsay continues scheming to try to get her hands on Hunter and pushes Olivia to her limit. 


Friday 20 May

Kyle helps Isla to escape after her robbery, only to be arrested himself. Lindsay’s recklessness while trying to seduce Hunter leads to a showdown with Olivia. Ricky and Nate cannot agree on the kind of wedding that they want.