Emmerdale: Danny Miller hopes that Aaron and Robert have “a very bright future”

"They've got the potential to be really happy," adds the actor


Danny Miller has expressed hope that Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden will have an enduring on-screen relationship.


“There’s hopefully going to be a very bright future for them,” says the Emmerdale star. “Aaron won’t forget that Robert has been there for him throughout the ordeal with Gordon. They’ve got the potential to be really happy. And I think the viewers are rooting for that.”

However, the actor doesn’t want the pair to now embark on a life of bland domesticity. “I wouldn’t want them to cosy up and be a regular couple,” he adds. “You want to keep the fire and the angst. The arguments and the break-ups. That’s why people love them.”


And next week’s episodes certainly look set to introduce an element of conflict after Robert comes into possession of a letter that Gordon has written to Aaron from behind bars.

But choosing not to show him the missive looks set to have big repercussions, especially when Aaron finds out that information has been kept from him:

“It’s frustrating for Aaron that he can’t now discover what Gordon had written. Gordon could have been unrepentant or ready to apologise, but it should have been Aaron’s decision, regardless of whatever the letter said.”

But, as far as the characters go, Miller is happy for Aaron and Robert to encounter these stumbling blocks as they move forward. “I want the writers to stay true to their personalities. There should be a bit of war in there – it makes for good drama.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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