Neighbours: Xanthe and Angus kiss, while Brad reports Ned to the police

9-13 May 2016: Plus Paige and John travel to Geelong, looking for clues about John’s identity


Monday 9 May


Piper and Tyler find an old voicemail message from Doug claiming that Ned was furious on the day of the explosion, and wonder if he was behind the blast. Paige and John arrive in Geelong looking for clues about his identity. Terese gives Amy an ultimatum – cut off contact with Paul or lose the contract. 

Tuesday 10 May

When Brad is told about the discrepancies in Ned’s story, he goes straight to the police with his suspicions. Paige discovers the identity of a mystery man seen in a photo with John and the pair return home to find him. Amy rejects Terese’s proposal, telling Paul that she needs him in her life. 

Wednesday 11 May

The tension continues to simmer between Ben and Angus, and it is not long before Susan has to step in when Ben throws a punch at him. John goes to meet Dustin, the man from the photo, but he runs off when he sees Mark in his police uniform. Lauren battles to persuade Ned to stay in Erinsborough. 

Thursday 12 May

Paige scrambles to convince John to stay. The Kennedys vow to give Angus the emotional support that he needs. Xanthe is impressed when Angus sets off a fire alarm so that he can get out of an exam. Aaron’s new business snares a mysterious new client. 


Friday 13 May

Paul convinces Aaron to take on his case. Ben steels himself to ask out Xanthe but Angus pips him to the post.  Toadie cancels a trip away to deal with an old case, but Sonya is feeling increasingly excluded by him and Steph and wonders what they are hiding.