6 things that happen in Outlander series 2 episode 5

There'll be arrests, garden parties and a deadly duel when Outlander returns to Amazon Prime next Sunday


Jamie gets in trouble with the law


No surprises here, but that disastrous dinner party has had consequences. Mary has been left battered and bruised, both physically and psychologically, by her attack, and the events that followed at Jamie and Claire’s gathering has left a number of their party in jail. Jamie and Murtagh are arrested for their part in the brawl, while Alex Randall has been formally accused of raping the woman he loves…


Murtagh struggles


Jamie’s right hand man is troubled after the events of last week’s episode. Despite Jamie’s protestations, he feels responsible, being unable to prevent the attack. But, suspecting a connection between the gang and the dreadful Comte St Germain, he channels his distress into determination to secure “just vengeance” for Mary and the Frasers…


Claire meddles in matters of the heart


Mary Hawkins has opened up to Claire, telling her about her true love Alex Randall. With Randall accused of attacking her, their fledging relationship is already in trouble. But Claire’s got her own concerns. She knows that unless Mary marries Black Jack and has a child with him, Frank will never exist. And that’s one bit of the future she’s intent on keeping the same…


The Frasers attend an elaborate garden party at Versailles


The drama of the dinner party might still hang over them, but the social calendar never stops. Jamie has said he’ll help the Duke of Sandringham purchase a team of horses so the couple head to the King’s manicured gardens. While Jamie impresses the Duke with his equestrian knowledge, Claire wanders in the garden with new acquaintances… as well as unfortunately familiar faces.


Claire has a crisis of confidence


With her pregnancy progressing, Claire’s worried about whether she’ll make a good mother. She doesn’t remember her own and is concerned that she has nothing to guide her. She can deliver, feed and care for a baby when it’s ill, but is that the same thing as having a maternal instinct?


Jamie challenges someone to a duel


It might be illegal to duel in France, but Jamie throws all caution to the wind in episode five and challenges an adversary to a deadly duel. Will his brash move be worth the risk?


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