Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes the internet look exciting in first Snowden trailer

The first look at the controversial American whistleblower story is online now


If you’ve ever wanted to feel like tapping away at your computer is less a sun-avoiding waste of time and more an action-packed thrill ride with twists and turns around every corner, then you’re in luck – because the trailer for new true-life thriller Snowden makes every laptop look about as dangerous and exciting as a slightly miffed Liam Neeson.


Sure, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s accent as real-life whistleblower Edward Snowden is a little dodgy, and the film’s depiction of the character as an unabashed hero is bound to cause controversy in some parts of the world (especially the US, which Snowden fled after leaking classified NSA documents online), but surfing the web never looked so good.

Now if someone can just make watching Netflix for eight hours straight look like an intense action sequence, we’re all set.


Snowden will be released in the US in September, with a UK release set to be confirmed