Cold Feet return will include tribute to Rachel

The 90s comedy drama is coming back later this year


Cold Feet sits in the pantheon of fun shows that had ridiculously and abruptly depressing finales: M*A*S*H killed a baby, Dinosaurs killed off the entire planet and Dallas had Satan himself cajoling JR into committing suicide. No, we’re not kidding.


By those standards, Cold Feet was a cake-walk. All it did was kill Rachel (Helen Baxendale) in a sudden, random and violent car accident, after five series of will-they-won’t-they romance with Adam (James Nesbitt). Remember?

Yes, apparently ‘Cold Feet’ was a reference to the morgue all along.

Anyway, the series is coming back to ITV later this year with the original cast and characters. Except Rachel of course. Because she’s dead. However, James Nesbitt has revealed that she may be gone, but she’s not forgotten.

 “To be without her has been sad really,” he told ITV News. “We just wanted to get a little tribute to her in the first episode which I hope she sees.”


The series’ return will also feature Robert Bathurst (David), Hermione Norris (Karen), John Thomson (Pete), and Fay Ripley (Jenny) and is expected to air later this year.