10 Star Wars fan theories that will change the way you see The Force Awakens forever

Damn, now why didn't we think of that?


Intelligent Design vs Evolution. Climate Change. The Moon Landing. The Flat Earth.


When we can’t even agree on the basic plot of a 90 minute film, how can we hope to agree on something as complicated as global warming before we’re all underwater?

Anyway, ScreenRant have put together 10 pretty impressive fan theories about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

There are some ‘old’ favourites in there (Rey is related to Kylo, Snoke’s identity etc) but also some nice surprises. Here are the timestamps if you want to jump around.

Han Solo Is Still Alive | 0:33
Snoke Is A New Character | 1:06
Kylo Ren Saved Rey | 1:41
Rey Solo | 2:20
Vader’s Helmet | 2:52
Luke and Leia’s Sibling | 3:27
Rey’s Force Training | 4:02
Han Killed Himself | 4:38
Rey Skywalker | 5:11
Kylo Ren: Double Agent | 5:42


Maybe some of them are true! We can’t tell anymore.