Coronation Street: Bruno Langley – Todd should bring Phelan down

"Todd can feel that there's something off about Phelan and he's not going to let him walk over this family like he did with the Windasses"


Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley has predicted that Todd Grimshaw will ensure that shady Pat Phelan gets his comeuppance.


Viewers have already witnessed Phelan try to inveigle his way into the Grimshaws affections, while upcoming scenes will see him take advantage of Jason’s vulnerability in the wake of dad Tony’s death.

But Langley believes that it’ll take someone of Todd’s ingenuity to bring down someone as cunning as Phelan. “It should be Todd, of course,” says the Corrie star. “I’d like him to be part of Phelan’s downfall. He’s a worthy opponent and Todd will go all the way to protect his family.”

And what is it that has made Todd suspicious of this wolf in the Grimshaw fold? “Todd’s an intelligent guy and he’s quick at picking up on things like this in people.

“Todd can feel that there’s something off about Phelan and he’s not going to let him walk over this family like he did with the Windasses.”

That tension looks set to come to a head next week when Todd secretly films Phelan flogging Tony’s possessions for £3000 and then takes the evidence to Eileen.

Thankfully, there’s no behind the scenes animosity between Langley and his on-screen sparring partner Connor McIntyre, who plays evil Phelan: “He’s great, he’s really good. He’s serious about his acting and he really gets into the character. You need people like that and he’s a really lovely guy and genuinely interested in people.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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