Marvel’s 10 biggest movie mistakes

You won't like fans when they're angry


It sometimes feels like Marvel can do no wrong. They repeatedly and constantly do the impossible, from inventing the branching ‘cinematic universe’ structure that all of their competitors are trying to imitate, to making freaking Ant Man work on-screen.


But they’re not perfect, and in advance of (the brilliant) Captain America: Civil War, Screen Rant have collected some of their biggest missteps. You won’t agree with all of the points, or even most of them, but it’s a reminder that even the best can do better.

Seriously, Marvel, give ScarJo her own movie. We all promise to watch it 100 times.


Here are all of the ‘blunders’, if you want to skip the video and get right to the outraged comments.

Ed Norton as The Hulk | 0:27
Steve Rogers’ CGI Body | 0:56
Ant-Man Vs. Falcon | 1:24
Black Widow | 1:53
I’m Always Angry | 2:18
Whiplash | 2:51
No Stakes | 3:22
Terrence Howard | 3:55
Tacked-On Love Stories | 4:24
Spoiling Spidey | 4:50