London’s burning in the explosive new Independence Day trailer

"They like to get the landmarks," Jeff Goldblum says as Earth prepares for war


It’s been 20 years since Independence Day. The earth has recovered and protected itself against alien invasion. But nothing could prepare them for this…


The aliens are back and they’re bringing new technology, which turns the world on its head. Almost literally. 

“It has it’s own gravity,” breathes Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson as an enormous spacecraft comes into view. Buildings, landmarks and aircraft are wrenched skywards. And we all know “what goes up must come down.”

Cue mass destruction, from major US cities to our very own capital. Say farewell to Parliament, the London Eye and Tower Bridge…


But, of course, Earth has its own hand to play.

Can Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworthand Will Smith’s son save the planet a second time around? Time will tell (but we suspect so…)


Independence Day: Resurgence is in UK cinemas 24th June