Emily Blunt is under suspicion in creepy first trailer for The Girl on the Train

The British thriller has moved to New York, but at least she’s kept her accent


Ever wished your commute was a bit more exciting? Hoped to see something a bit different outside of the usual rustling newspapers, idle smartphone tapping and low-level tutting as someone walks on before letting someone out?


Well, in the first trailer for Gone Girl-style thriller The Girl on the Train Emily Blunt makes that dream a reality – and it’s absolutely awful for everyone. Turns out you can’t win when it comes to public transport.

Also starring Luke Evans, Allison Janney, Justin Theroux and Rebecca Ferguson, the trailer shows Blunt’s alcoholic Rachel witness something horrific while on her way to central New York (relocated from the source novel’s London), which ties into the disappearance of a young woman with a link to Rachel’s ex-husband and his new wife.

Quickly, she decides to help – but is she more connected to the case than she realises? Do her alcohol-driven blackouts hide a violent, uncontrollable rage? And what led her marriage to break down in the first place?

All this and more, we’ll have to wait and find out – unless you fancy just picking up the Paula Hawkins novel the book is based on, which came out last year. But even then, we wouldn’t stick our necks out and claim we know who the villain is. You never know what these tricksy film adaptations like to change…


The Girl on the Train will be released on the 7th October