Next week on The Archers: Helen’s barrister struggles with her case, plus Pat takes official action against Ursula

24-29 April 2016: And will Jazzer and Jim be reunited at Greenacres


Barrister Anna is trying to build her case, but Helen’s memory is hazy and her fixation on being away from Henry certainly isn’t helping matters. Meanwhile, when Ursula breaks an agreement, Pat feels that she has little choice but to take official action.


A preoccupied and forgetful Tom is unwittingly making more work for himself at Bridge Farm, but luckily Johnny is on hand to do some extra hours. While Johnny slogs away, Jazzer asks for a favour, but doesn’t get the reaction he was hoping for.

Jazzer (Ryan Kelly)

Lilian is making finishing touches to the Dower House, adding a statement piece of her own that gets Justin’s seal of approval. But after seeking reassurance from Jennifer, Lilian finds herself on the receiving of some sisterly straight talking.

Rex, meanwhile, has come up with a brand name for the pastured eggs and wants Pip to be the first one to hear it. She, though, is forging ahead with her own business after finding some cattle that she wants to buy. Parents Ruth and David warn her that she’s dealing with a shark, but can Pip stand her ground and strike the right deal?


Finally, Jim is starting to get back to normal at Greenacres and Jazzer is keen to rejoin his old housemate, but is finding it hard to confirm a move-in date. We may be looking forward to a reunion for Ambridge’s favourite odd couple, but perhaps the prospect of a Jazzer-free household will prove too tempting for Jim?