The Island with Bear Grylls continues its grim and gripping onslaught

Make sure you've eaten before tonight's episode


The Island with Bear Grylls shows no sign of letting up on the drama with tonight’s fourth episode reaching peak grim and gripping. 


Fair warning: make sure you’re not eating during this episode. Yes, this is where the grim bit comes in because after finally managing to catch some grub, there’s a lot of toilet talk. And rubber gloves. And a lot of groaning… and a lot more toilet talk. Amusingly, the show has no qualms about returning after one of the advert breaks with a bottom filling the screen. Clothed, thankfully. But having been the topic of much of the toilet chat, it’s really quite a funny choice of shot. 

Bowel movements done and dusted, it’s onto the gripping bit which involves an expedition by some of the campers to find a new source of food. The sense of doom comes quickly, the markers that something is about to go wrong clearly there: some have got the wrong – very slippery – shoes on, they choose to scale the harsh rocks despite the tide coming in, some are carrying heavy camera equipment, Doctor Dan is yelling at everyone to hurry up…

And, as you chew through the last of your nails, it all goes terribly wrong for one islander. We’ll just rename this episode ‘The Island with Bear Grylls: the one where you can’t get off the edge of your seat’. 

Perhaps next week we’ll tune in and they’ll all be sipping cocktails… 


See The Island with Bear Grylls tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 4