Next week on Coronation Street: Billy’s big secret, tragedy for Jason, plus Nick has a health setback

25-29 April 2016: And Michelle gets shock news from Will


Your guide to all of next week’s drama in Weatherfield…


1. Jason’s dad Tony dies of a heart attack

Big Tony Stewart is dead! From a heart attack! The off-screen demise will obviously leave Jason reeling and pretty soon he’s lashing out at everyone, from Liz to Aidan. But amid his grief, Jason will find support from Phelan, although surely shady Pat is more interested in Jason’s business than his welfare?


2. Nick has a terrible setback

Nick – while out running – careers into Kylie and struggles to recognise her. Fearing that his brain injury symptoms are getting worse, Nick later confides in David that he’s going for a brain scan on his doctor’s recommendation. Nick covers when Carla gets suspicious, telling her that he’s organising a surprise for his bride to be. But Nick has told David that if the scan proves that he can’t be a proper husband, then he can’t marry Carla.


3. Will dumps his fiancée – and wants to be with Michelle

Michelle is struggling with Steve being home, the guilt obviously threatening to get the better of her. But a further shock is to come when old flame Will calls in at the Rovers and drops the bombshell that he’s split up from fiancee Saskia. Is the truth about what he’s been up to with Michelle set to come out?


4. Billy has a shady secret

Eva clocks Billy handing cash to a dishevelled guy in the ginnel. Clearly embarrassed, he makes out that the lad was a stranger, but later in the week, Billy will be seen receiving a call from Lee begging him for more money. How will Billy react? And what is his big secret? 


5. Cathy wants Alex to move in

Alex’s hedonistic lifestyle causes Cathy concern – his demands for money, rowdy parties and late arrivals at work leaving her fretting for his welfare. With Nessa moving to Scotland, Alex ends up asking Cathy if he can stay with her and Roy. And by Friday, it looks like Alex will be taking up residence above the cafe…


6. Zeedan dumps Rana

Alya reckons that Rana is taking Zeedan for a mug. Taking his sister at her word, Zeedan ends up dumping Rana, telling her that she’s a flirt and that he won’t be messed around. When Zeedan later explains that Rana is a game player and that she got what she deserved, Alya is impressed…


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