Neighbours: Daniel and Imogen leave, plus Susan discovers the truth about Sarah’s reappearance

25-29 April 2016: And Tyler reveals that he's responsible for killing Josh


Monday 25 April


Aaron gets a threatening text message from a mysterious number. Susan confronts Sarah about her intentions and finally discovers the truth. Imogen’s plans to marry Daniel are stymied when she learns that Terese has been drinking again. Xanthe gets a bitter taste of social media stardom. 

Tuesday 26 April

Sarah finally reveals her real reason for returning to Ramsay Street – she wants Karl and Susan to look after her son Angus. Daniel and Imogen get married and leave Erinsborough to start a new life together. Tyler’s guilt leads him to confess to Piper that he thinks he killed Josh. 

Wednesday 27 April

Tyler’s confession sends shockwaves around the street, and Paul hopes that the news will finally clear his name. Sarah confides in Karl and Susan that after she dies they are the only ones who can give Angus what he needs. When Brad wins the Erinsborough Citizen of the Year Award, Ned thinks he is unworthy. 

Thursday 28 April

Brad takes steps to show Ned that he is just as important as his other kids, and the pair make amends. Nate suspects that Julie is sending the threatening texts and sets out to prove it. Paul is accused of harassment when he tries to comfort a grieving Julie. Paige discovers some clues about John Doe’s real identity. 


Friday 29 April

Nate and Aaron get a shocking surprise when they confront Aaron’s blackmailer during a fake money drop. Paige regrets asking Amy to give John Doe a job after she sees how well the pair get on – is he slipping away from her? Steph is paranoid that the only reason Mark is with her is to get to Paul.