Neighbours: Pam Willis has an emotional homecoming

"It’s a double death so it’s tricky for Pam," says actress Sue Jones


Sue Jones has spoken out about the return of Pam Willis in today’s episode of Neighbours.


Former Erinsborough resident Pam has returned to town in the wake of the death of both husband Doug and grandson Josh, all of which makes for an emotional homecoming.

Said the actress: “It’s a double death so it’s tricky for Pam. She’s trying to fill in the gaps of where she was away. I’m sure there’s been more contact with the grandchildren than what we’ve seen on screen, I’m sure they’ve come up to Darwin to visit.

“But it was a shock to Pam to hear of both deaths, it’s a very difficult situation for both the parents and siblings.”

Jones was a show regular between 1990 and 1994 and has made periodic reappearances since, the most recent being in 2015.

But it’s this latest comeback that she found the most enjoyable. Speaking to Tenplay, she commented: “It’s wonderful actually because I was here for a couple of weeks last year but I was a little nervous.

“I don’t know why I was nervous, I guess it was just coming back from all that time away from the show. This time however, I’ve found I’ve been able to relax and enjoy it.”

As for how it was to be acting opposite Kip Gamblin as the recast Brad Willis, Jones added: “Kip is fabulous, he just has so much energy, humour and humanity that I think comes across on screen. He’s just been a joy to work with!”


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