David Tennant’s top ten funniest Doctor Who moments

From quoting The Lion King to comparing sonic screwdrivers, we count down the most mirth-filled exchanges featuring the Tenth Doctor

4. The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors meet… 


The Tenth Doctor meeting his future self in the 50th anniversary special was hardly ever going to be a sombre affair, but the actual scene itself was everything fans could have hoped for, with the pairing both taking issue of who they were / who they would become. The best bit, however, is the cheeky comparing of the sonic screwdrivers. Whatever could it mean…? 

Honourable mention: David Tennant introduces the 50th anniversary special 

And while we’re on the subject of the 50th anniversary special, this video of David Tennant introducing a more scaled down, practical take on The Day of the Doctor is pure deadpan brilliance. 

3. The Doctor’s detox…  

Poisoned with cyanide by a mystery assailant, the Tenth Doctor, with a mouth full of walnuts, must instruct Donna what he needs for a cure – leading to a farcical game of charades. We can only imagine how frustrating is must be around the Noble house around Christmas… 

2. The Tenth Doctor’s grand entrance 


From his hilarious, “I DON’T KNOOOOOOWWW,” to his inadvertent quoting of The Lion Book, the Tenth Doctor’s first proper scene as the Doctor is pretty much as perfect an introduction to his incarnation as you can get: fiery, sexy and, most of all, funny.