David Tennant’s top ten funniest Doctor Who moments

From quoting The Lion King to comparing sonic screwdrivers, we count down the most mirth-filled exchanges featuring the Tenth Doctor

 7. “Allonsy allonso!”


In a scene that tickled Tenth Doctor fans, the Doctor finally finds the perfect man for his beloved catchphrase. Allonsy!

6. “Hermits united” 

The Doctor has a knack for explaining why he a) happens to be in a place he shouldn’t be and b) knows none of the things he should definitely know about the world he’s on, but claiming he’s in “Hermits United” is probably not his most convincing… 

5. “Hold on, better lock the Tardis…” 


The Doctor tries – and fails – to bring a smile to an Ood’s… er, lips? We bet Ood stand up nights are a right riot.