David Tennant’s top ten funniest Doctor Who moments

From quoting The Lion King to comparing sonic screwdrivers, we count down the most mirth-filled exchanges featuring the Tenth Doctor


From the classic era to Christopher Eccleston’s first series of Nu Who, Doctor Who has always been funny, but it only really got hilarious when David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor took over the Tardis.


For not only had modern Doctor Who’s second series really found its stride in terms of tone, but Tennant himself seemed a lot more suited to humorous hi-jinks than Eccleston, who was more a dark, tortured soul. So, of course, the question is: what is the Tenth Doctor’s funniest moment? RadioTimes.com thinks we know, so have compiled our top ten.

10. “You’re naked!”

After the Tenth Doctor is inadvertently cloned by, er, Donna touching the Doctor’s spare hand, the clone wakes up as naked as the day he was born – which was that day, as he had just been born. Hilarity, obviously ensues, with the duplicate Doctor not only having sprung into life naked, but having taken on some of Donna less than graceful personality quirks. “Oi, watch it, Earth girl!”

9. The Tenth Doctor meets the Fifth

This Children in Need sketch, where the Tenth Doctor meets Peter Davison’s Fifth in a Tardis-related accident, is comic gold. Written by Steven Moffat before he became show-runner, the whole thing is an affectionate ribbing at the strange choices of Davison’s era, with the Fifth Doctor’s “decorative vegetable” coming in for particualr  attention.

8. “Always take a banana to a party, Rose. Bananas are good!”

Having just come from a party in 18th century France, the man knows what he’s talking about.

 7. “Allonsy allonso!”

In a scene that tickled Tenth Doctor fans, the Doctor finally finds the perfect man for his beloved catchphrase. Allonsy!

6. “Hermits united”

The Doctor has a knack for explaining why he a) happens to be in a place he shouldn’t be and b) knows none of the things he should definitely know about the world he’s on, but claiming he’s in “Hermits United” is probably not his most convincing…

5. “Hold on, better lock the Tardis…”

The Doctor tries – and fails – to bring a smile to an Ood’s… er, lips? We bet Ood stand up nights are a right riot.

4. The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors meet…

The Tenth Doctor meeting his future self in the 50th anniversary special was hardly ever going to be a sombre affair, but the actual scene itself was everything fans could have hoped for, with the pairing both taking issue of who they were / who they would become. The best bit, however, is the cheeky comparing of the sonic screwdrivers. Whatever could it mean…?

Honourable mention: David Tennant introduces the 50th anniversary special

And while we’re on the subject of the 50th anniversary special, this video of David Tennant introducing a more scaled down, practical take on The Day of the Doctor is pure deadpan brilliance.

3. The Doctor’s detox…

Poisoned with cyanide by a mystery assailant, the Tenth Doctor, with a mouth full of walnuts, must instruct Donna what he needs for a cure – leading to a farcical game of charades. We can only imagine how frustrating is must be around the Noble house around Christmas…

2. The Tenth Doctor’s grand entrance

From his hilarious, “I DON’T KNOOOOOOWWW,” to his inadvertent quoting of The Lion Book, the Tenth Doctor’s first proper scene as the Doctor is pretty much as perfect an introduction to his incarnation as you can get: fiery, sexy and, most of all, funny.

1. The Doctor and Donna meet again… hilariously

Maybe it’s because Catherine Tate’s background is in comedy, or maybe it’s because Donna Noble is the first companion interested in fun rather than fun with the Tenth Doctor, but their pairing is – by far – the funniest of David Tennant’s tenure. This scene, their reunion in Partners in Crime after first meeting in The Runaway Bride, sums that up pretty much perfectly, with it managing to be one of their funniest scenes together before either one has even said a word to each other.

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