10 Star Wars mysteries that are still unanswered

These are the questions fans desperately want the answers to...


Over the years, Star Wars fans have explored almost every possible aspect of the franchise’s universe. 


From what happened to Boba Fett after he nose-dived into the Sarlacc pit, to the reason C-3PO has a new red arm, it sometimes seems like everything anyone could possibly want to know has been explained.

But with the release of the first Rogue One trailer and all the cliffhangers left from The Force Awakens, there are some major questions that need to be answered.

The folks over at Screen Rant have collected a list of the more pressing, important and interesting questions we still don’t have the answers to. 

If you were wondering what Luke has been up to all these years, if Darth Vader will be popping up in Rogue One or whether Kylo Ren can be redeemed after shanking everyone’s favourite character (who also happens to be his dad), you’re not alone.


Although we still want someone to tell us the fastest way to kill a Jar Jar or why no-one has reprogrammed C-3PO to be less annoying.