The Godzilla Resurgence trailer is eerie and quite beautiful

This is about as subtle as a giant lizard trampling a city gets...


You can tell the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence wasn’t produced in Hollywood. No pounding music, no kick-ass action – and no voices at all. Instead, the 31st film in Japan’s catalogue of movies starring the giant lizard puts an eerie classical soundtrack across otherwise silent scenes of soundless conversations, mass panic and Godzilla cutting a destructive swathe through Tokyo.


We see the scale of the enigmatic monster from above, as he stands facing massed weapons, and – most frightening of all – from below, on the ground.

Yes, this is still the classic man in a rubber suit but the CGI enhancements make him look as convincing as any other big screen monster and the overall effect is beautifully chilling…


Godzilla Resurgence is released in Japan on 29th July 2016, with details of international releases yet to be announced.