17 thoughts we had while watching the mind-bending Doctor Strange trailer

Is this real life? Or a massive Sherlock meets Marvel Inception-fuelled fantasy?


Because every superhero needs a compelling and dramatic origin story and here the cocky surgeon is brought crashing down to earth when he has a terrible car accident.


You’d definitely need to be a superhero in the making to survive that.

No. Stephen Strange is travelling the world on a mission to find a cure for something.

And that mission takes him to Nepal.

Oh, that’s Rachel McAdams. You might remember her as Regina George from Mean Girls.

She was initially tipped to play Doctor Strange’s love interest (she does have a habit of playing the wives of men who can travel through space and time – see About Time and The Time Traveller’s Wife) but we now know she’s a fellow surgeon who acts as the psychedelic superhero’s anchor to his old life.

Doctor Strange’s hands play a MAJOR role in the development of his powers.

As a surgeon, his steady hands are the key to his livelihood, and when his accident robs of him of that, he sets out to find a cure for his tremors.

THAT tremor.

Why that’s fellow Brit Chiwitel Ejiofor. He joined the cast as Baron Mordo, a character who’s said to be an “amalgamation” of others from the comic book series.

The original Baron Mordo (the one in the comics, that is) is mentored by the Acient One (we’ll get to that in a minute) and eventually betrays his teacher.

Yup. Don’t be fooled by the facial fluff. It’s all about the goatee it will eventually transform into.

She’s playing The Ancient One, Strange and Mordo’s mystical teacher.

The Ancient One was originally a man in the comics, so this casting makes a welcome change.

No, she’s not killing him. She’s just teaching him about Astral Projection.

It’s a thing Doctor Strange did a LOT in the comics, and it’s probably one of his most famous powers.

Astral Projection involves popping your soul outside of your body, so you can do lots of fun things like spy on people.

Oh, and it sort of makes you look like a Hogwarts ghost.

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen stars as an as-yet-unnamed villain, who looks pretty badass to us.

He seems to be bending time and space, so we’re guessing he’s a dab hand at the sorcery.

Speculation about that red mark on his head is rife, with many arguing that it could be one of the five Infinity Stones that have been popping up in Marvel movies.

Some of the gems have yet to appear on screen, so fans are curious to find out if they’ll make their debut in Doctor Strange. It would certainly be a nice way to link him in to the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have said there’ll quite possibly be THREE times as many characters in that one, after all.

On a side note, we bet he’d do a mean YouTube make-up tutorial on those eyes.

Could this be the greatest Marvel/Sherlock crossover EVER?


Nah, the Ancient One and Stephen Strange are just mind tripping…

Those world-bending scenes look rather familiar… we’re just waiting for the BOOOOOOONNNNGGG.


Because a whole lotta magic is about to happen in that Sanctum Sanctorum of his…