15 life lessons learned from Bridget Jones

Keep the Bridget Jones's Diary repeats coming, there's plenty still to be learned from everyone's favourite singleton


Bridget Jones’s Diary was released 15 years ago. 15 YEARS! But while our Bridge existed in a world before smart phones and social media, there’s still plenty to be learned from everyone’s favourite big pants wearer. Like…


After a break-up, everything should be eaten straight from the pot. 

bridget eating ice cream on Make A Gif

Office party antics are remembered by everyone. Yes, everyone. Forever.

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Learn a few phrases in the local language when holidaying. It’ll be useful. For local amenities, transport… pregnancy tests. 

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Men fighting over you to It’s Raining Men isn’t macho. 

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Your friends won’t help when you’re plastered. 

Bridget cab fall on Make A Gif

Miming to Celine Dion tracks in your pjs won’t help you get a man. 

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Forming romantic attachments to certain men is a very bad idea.

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Open top cars look great in movies. In real life, they’re rubbish and will ruin your hair. 

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Never do your make-up in the back of a cab. 

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Always double check a fancy dress invite.

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When in fancy outfit to win back man of dreams – avoid puddles. At all costs. 

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Avoid temptation by throwing stuff away. Remind self not to get it back out of the bin later. 

throw stuff away on Make A Gif

Wear big pants. 

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But only for the right occasions.

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And don’t iron your hair. Ever. 

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