BBC launches new child-friendly iPlayer app

BBC iPlayer Kids will allow children to download and watch their favourite shows anywhere and anytime


The BBC has launched BBC iPlayer Kids, a brand new app designed to allow children to download and watch their favourite shows online.


The new child-friendly app will have 10,000 episodes of CBeebies and CBBC programmes available this year alone.

Children’s programming was the largest single genre on BBC iPlayer in 2015, accounting for a third of the app’s 2.9 billion views.

The new version will allow kids to watch shows like Wolfblood and Blue Peter anywhere and at any time, and without the risk of them stumbling across shows meant for adults.

Dan Taylor-Watt, Head of BBC iPlayer, said: “We’re thrilled to launch this app so kids can enjoy their favorite shows whenever and wherever they are; in a safe and fun space, packed with amazing content.”

The new mobility reflects the fact that over half of all BBC iPlayer requests for children’s programmes are made on either tablets or mobiles.

BBC iPlayer Kids will ask children to select their age, before filtering out CBeebies shows for those over five years-old, and streamlining the options to shows they’re likely to enjoy.

The app can store up to four separate profiles, allowing multiple kids to use the same device without wading through each other’s favourite programmes.

Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s, added: “In a nutshell, the app is CBBC and CBeebies in their hands – a BBC iPlayer re-designed for a new, digitally-savvy generation.”


BBC iPlayer Kids is available to download for free from today