Next week on The Archers: Helen needs to talk, Pat is on the edge, while Josh is in Neil’s bad books

17-22 April 2016: Plus Lynda makes fresh demands of Eddie


Helen is being asked to open up, but her mind is busy and thoughts of Rob are drowning out everything else. Tony, meanwhile, is trying to soothe a fraught Pat – they’ve been through tough times before and pulled through. But Pat’s not sure if she has the strength to do it again and an awkward encounter with Ursula doesn’t help matters.


Neil is raging at Josh, who is still promoting the pastured eggs. In the end, Rex tries to take the flak from Neil and attempts to persuade Josh to take a step back. But Josh is adamant and even his mum can’t get him to change tack. So is Josh making a bad decision or does he have a bigger strategy in mind?

Tony Archer (David Troughton)

To lighten the mood, we also have the cricket season on the horizon. But the team is not looking as strong as last year – can Brian be persuaded to put on the pads? Eddie is keen to get Lynda’s shepherd’s hut off his hands. Once it’s in situ at Ambridge Hall, he hopes she’ll pay up. But Eddie hasn’t counted on Lynda insisting that he make some finishing touches…