Mark Hamill channels Yoda to wish Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley a happy birthday

He thinks the mini Jedi in the making is one in Hamillion


They shared only a few minutes on screen together in Episode VII: The Force Awakens but Mark Hamill is SO fond of his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley that he decided to do something VERY special for her birthday.


Star Wars’ newest leading lady turned 24 on Sunday and to, er, mark the occasion, Hamill shared a very cool behind the scenes snap of the duo on the set of Episode VIII.

And the picture wasn’t without its historical significance either.

Hamill’s clearly become Ridley’s very own Master Yoda while making the movie.

Could Episode VIII be the sequel trilogy’s Empire Strikes Back? Given that Empire is almost universally viewed as the BEST Star Wars film, we won’t be complaining if Rian Johnson’s efforts are along those lines.


Star Wars Episode VIII opens in UK cinemas in December 2017