Dragons soar and the dead rise in action-packed Game of Thrones series six trailer

And yes, Jon Snow is STILL dead


Just weeks away from the airing of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, we’ve seen a second trailer hinting at all the catastrophes awaiting our Westerosi heroes, and it’s pretty murky.


And when we say that, we don’t mean that it’s dark in tone – though there are scenes of some nasty injuries, violence and illness – but that it’s nearly impossible to see half of what’s going on in the dimly-lit scenes.

Someone’s clearly been taking lighting tips from Wolf Hall.

Anyway, what we can spy through the darkness looks pretty thrilling: whether it’s the rising forces of the White Walker’s undead army, the glorious flight of Daenerys’s dragons or various armed clashes between people who all fancy sitting on that spiky chair.

But through all the excitement and new challenges, there’s one thing it’s good to know we can still count on –Tyrion continues to make classic quips at every opportunity. Some things should never change.


Game of Thrones returns on 24th April on HBO and Sky Atlantic