17 burning questions we have after watching the new Fantastic Beasts trailer

What does Dumbledore know? Who on earth is Alberto Macellarus? And how does Newt do THAT?




Why can’t he just apparate?

Let’s hope he paid attention in Herbology classes!

Endangering human life with a beast, eh? Anyone would think this guy was Hagrid.

Or even the Heir of Slytherin…

And while we’re on the subject, why did Dumbledore argue against his expulsion?

Hermione eat your heart out.

Well, leader Seraphina Picuery’s picture is on the wall so we’re going to guess that yes, this is the Magical Congress of the United States of America.

‘Macoooozah’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it as The Ministry though, eh?

Alberto Macellarus does NOT look like a nice bloke…

Are we going to meet him later in the film?

Looks dodgier than Knockturn Alley…

We know John Voight plays Shaw Snr, but Shaw Jnr is having quite the shindig until someone, or something, shuts the party down.

An open casting call went out for a little girl last year – could this be her?

Ok, ok, so he’s an Auror and someone’s let a fantastic beast loose in his city.

But still, why so serious?

*furiously flicks through source material*

Could these be the mysterious Scourers?

Sorry JK, we’re REFUSING to use the term No-Maj – perhaps these fine gentlemen have just heard it for the first time…

No wizard is capable of what it’s capable of, apparently.

Well done there Newt.


Roll on November, that’s all we’re saying.