Who is Felicity Jones’s character Jyn Erso in Rogue One: a Star Wars Story?

This IS the Rogue you're looking for


We’ve finally had our first glimpse of Felicity Jones in action in the teaser trailer for upcoming Star Wars anthology film Rogue One.


But who could the Oscar-nominated actress be playing in the film?

Well, now that we know her name – Jyn Erso – and a bit of her back story, we’ve got a few theories.

Could Jyn Erso be Rey’s mum?

Jyn Ursa, according to Mon Mothma (the woman questioning her at the beginning of the trailer), has been on her own “from the age of 15”. She says Jyn’s “reckless, aggressive and undisciplined.”

And Jyn certainly knows how to hold her own in a rebellion.

It’s a narrative that isn’t a million miles away from that of our Rey, and if you do the maths (add about 16 or 17 years or so, to allow for the roughly three years between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, and the 11 or so years between Return of The Jedi and Rey’s birth) there’s a very real possibility that it could be true.

Twitter is already convinced.

And both the Rogue One trailer and Force Awakens trailers have teaser openings with piano music and a shot of their female lead.

Is Jyn Erso actually a relative of Qui-Gon Jinn?

Jyn. Jinn. It’s all the same to us!

And if she does turn out to be Rey’s mum it’d certainly go a long way towards explaining how Rey got her Force powers.

Could she be the daughter of the man who made the Death Star into a fully functioning battle station?

Ok so anyone who’s REALLY into Star Wars will know that the Geonosians originally came up with the plans for the Death Star, but a theory floating around the internet over the past few months suggested that it was Mads Mikkelsen’s as-yet-unnamed character who brought the plans to fruition.

The alleged leak claimed that Mikkelsen would play a scientist having an ‘Oppenheimer moment‘, and charging his only daughter with the task of making sure the battle station was never able to become fully functioning. 

Could Jyn Erso be a daughter he – or maybe even Ben Mendelsohn’s character (the Imperial officer in the white cloak) – abandoned for the sake of her safety?

Or is she part of something far bigger than we ever imagined? Is she the THE ONE WHO WILL BRING BALANCE to all of the franchises?

This Redditor sure does think so.



We’ll find out for sure when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in UK cinemas on 16th December.