TV and film on demand guide: which streaming service should you choose?

What is the best streaming service in the UK? Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC Store and more compared

TalkTalk TV

Do you have to subscribe? 



So how does it work? 

You can rent or buy films and TV series and watch them instantly without a monthly fee. Once you rent something you have 30 days to start watching – and 48 hours to finish it once you press play. Once you own something you can watch it again and again, as long as you are connected to the internet.

How much does it cost? 

Prices vary, but you can rent new film releases from £3.49 and buy episodes of TV series from £1.89.

What do you get?

Access to thousands of TV series and films. And lots of new releases. Often much more quickly than they become available on subscription services.

Original content? 

No. But TalkTalk does offer some films and TV series before any other on-demand providers.

What can you watch it on?

Your computer, smart TV, set-top box, blu-ray player and tablet. You can only watch when you are connected to the internet.

Free trial?




Parental controls?




Amazon Prime

BBC Store


Disney Life

Now TV


BFI Player