Neighbours: Aaron Brennan caused the Lassiter’s explosion? “He’s definitely involved,” says Matt Wilson

"There's a massive storyline that comes out of what Aaron was doing there and what he had on his mind," adds the actor


Neighbours star Matt Wilson has revealed that Aaron Brennan will be suspected of causing the Lassiter’s explosion.


“Aaron is definitely involved,” the actor tells “There’s a massive storyline that comes out of what Aaron was doing there and what he had on his mind.”

In the run-up to the blast, Aaron was seen acting furtively in the vicinity of the hotel complex, but Wilson reckons that should his character turn out to be guilty, then it wouldn’t have been a deliberately malicious act.

“It would be accidental. Aaron is such a nice soul and he wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone. He’s not the type of person to do anything like that deliberately,” he adds.

This week’s episodes of the Australian soap have seen the disaster claim the lives of long-standing Erinsborough residents Josh and Doug Willis. And Wilson admits that it was tough saying goodbye to actors Harley Bonner and Terence Donovan:

“It’s been really upsetting. When we were first told that Josh going to die, Harley had tears in his eyes. And when they did the make-up, he really did look dead. It was heavy stuff. And Terence is absolute legend of a guy. He brightens up the green room. So, to have him gone is sad too.”

As for what lies ahead, he promises that there’ll be more relationship complications for Aaron following the return of Nate, who arrives on the scene of the blast in his role as a volunteer rescue worker.

“We’re on again, we’re off again, we’re on again,” laughs the actor when discussing his on-screen love life. “Aaron loves Nate but he can’t figure him out.”

And with Wilson coming up to his one-year anniversary on Neighbours, he also admits that he’s experienced a massive change in his own life: 

“Everything has changed. Prior to this, I was working full-time on a building site as a carpenter. The calluses on my hand aren’t there anymore – I now have really soft, moisturised hands!

“But the part I like best about being on Neighbours is the impact that our presence can have on someone’s day. I try to say that in a modest way. Recently, we did a tour of a hospital in Perth – some of the kids had been there for a year, and just you being in that room talking to them makes their entire week. Maybe their year.

“So it’s almost a healing power. To have that is the biggest benefit that I’ve got out of being on the show.”


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